My little sister, Rachel, and my new brother, Eric, tied the knot at the Pitt Bradford campus’ Harriet B. Wick Chapel this month during a beautiful ceremony. My amazing second-shooter/husband, Ben, did an incredible job of making sure that none of the important wedding photography moments were missed during the times I had to set down my camera and switch hats from photographer to matron of honor.

During the foggy morning hours before the sun was even up, we were already getting our hair and makeup done by our friend Lana Freed, who does beautiful work.  By the time we were ready to head to the chapel, the day was already shaping up to be one of the most pleasant all week with the morning chill being lifted and the sun strong in the sky.

The Harriet B. Wick Chapel was a fantastic location for Rachel and Eric’s ceremony.  Nestled in the trees on the Pitt Bradford Campus, it’s expansive windows, beautiful woodwork, and impressive pipe organ gave the impressions of both grandeur and intimacy.  It even comes with a lovely organist–who will play The Phantom of the Opera during your rehearsal if you ask her nicely. 😉

Rachel and Eric wanted an Art Album filled with creative couple portraits, so following the ceremony, we headed out for a short hike on a local trail to enjoy the scenery and let them soak in the realization of their new status as husband and wife.  A quick limo ride took them off to enjoy a night of partying at Premier Banquet Center in Olean, NY.  The highlights of which were my compelling toast, inspired by Mr. Dwight Schrute of tv’s The Office, and Ben’s final send-off to the happy couple by singing (rather impressively) Enrique Iglasias’ Hero.  Perhaps that’s just my opinion, but trust me, it was a fun night.

We even set up a Photo Booth!

Wedding Photo Booth by Laura Cole Photography Olean, NY

Rachel designed her own Album Monogram and accent details to use in her finished book.  Right now, she’s in the process of choosing all of the options to customize the physical book–which I’m very excited about.

If you haven’t already watched the Album slideshow at the top, check it out to see Rachel and Eric’s wedding day!