Dear Future Brides:

It is time to stop thinking of wedding albums as a collection of snapshots, haphazardly spread throughout a less than impressive book.

It is time to start thinking of wedding albums as art.

Start imagining your wedding told through a series of carefully-curated images that have been artistically-remastered to be like no other picture shot at your wedding.  Start imagining the possibilities of customizing your very own Italian-crafted album that is personalized from every inch to be 100% unique to you.

Consider the years of pleasure that a high-quality, durable, heirloom book will bring both you and the generations it gets passed along to.  Consider the power it has to help you remember and relive one of the most important days of your love story…and the power it has to allow others to experience the very best highlights of what it was like to be there.

Capture and preserve all of the tiny details of your day as you personalize your Art Album from box to book, and from cover to cover…with dozens of materials, colors, and combinations–all of which can be enhanced with pictures or graphics special to you, as a couple.  Custom modernized-monograms by The Letter Pink Graphic Design, as well as Rachel’s hand-drawn ennoblement patterns that can embellish your book with the lace pattern of your dress, the flowers of your bouquet or other pattern important to you–are the little things that will make your book unlike any other ever made.

Come visit me at my studio so we can discuss your wedding and start thinking about all of the beautiful ways to create your very own Custom Art Album.  Trust me…it is going to be one of the best, most-lasting treasures from your big day!

Sincerely yours,