I never really expected to get into Fine Art Photography.  I received a camera a few years ago, and because the model was always conveniently available, delved into self-portraiture to learn how to operate my new toy.  While I now also shoot weddings and portraits for clients, I still love my fine-art work.  My series “Cheating at Chores” is still a work in progress, but with this image, “Technically Tidy” marking number six , I’m more than halfway done.

Because my love of all things Lucy sparked this series, a few of the photos have taken direct inspiration from the show.  In the I Love Lucy episode where Lucy and Ethel get jobs…one infamously in a candy factory…the candy being sent down the conveyor belt is a little too much for them to pack into boxes quickly enough to prove to their nazi-esque supervisor that they can keep up with the task.  As always, hilarity ensues.  If you haven’t seen the episode…well, what’s the matter with you–go watch it!  It will then make a lot more sense why Baron and I are trying to make that mess of popcorn disappear as fast as we can…or maybe there is just no sense to be made in this scenario.

You’ll notice below, a slightly different version of the picture…my favorite camera company, Pentax, is currently holding a contest on their Facebook page to see how people put their products to use.  This is essentially what goes on behind all of my fine art images…just me doing weird things in front of a lonely camera on a tripod (NOTE: person in camera LCD has clearly been photoshopped and will appear prettier than they actually are.)

Limited Edition Prints of “Technically Tidy” are available in the shop. 🙂



Technically Tidy Animated Edit by Laura Cole Photography