Is it technically redecorating when you tape Christmas gift wrap to your studio walls?

For the seventh image in my Cheating at Chores series, Baron and I decided on a theme of stripes and vertigo when we gave the walls a facelift.  Inspired by the I Love Lucy episode where Lucy and Ethel decide to paper Lucy’s bedroom, but don’t have enough money to hire a professional–it was a DIY room makeover before DIY room makeovers were popular.  And, in classic DIY fashion, some corners were cut…preparatory research wasn’t done…I mean without YouTube, how do you learn to do anything yourself?  A little bit of trial, error, and dizziness, I suppose…

I have a few more images sketched out to complete this series, and I’m very excited about some other projects that I have planned to start soon…including a collaboration with a fellow artist that I’m super-excited about…but am not yet at liberty to discuss 😉

Limited Edition prints of Technically Redecorated are available in the shop. 🙂