Technically Paid by Laura Cole Photography

Number five puts me halfway through the Cheating at Chores series that I decided I wanted to create from “Technicolor Cohorts”Limited Edition of Technicolor Cohorts by Laura Cole Photography

(right).  I’ve been trying to combine things that I do around the house with a little corner-cutting help from my dog, Baron.  I guess what’s happening in this particular image is a little open to interpretation, though.  I intended it as “technically” paying the bills by mailing some dog bones in lieu of a check.  When I showed my husband, Ben, he said “oh, cool” (like he so dutifully responds whenever I ask him what he thinks of my images) “you’re getting Baron to lick the envelopes for you.”  Ummmm, yes.  Also sort of a way of cheating at the chore, I suppose.  I would definitely prefer that Baron foot the bill for our monthly expenses, since he would most likely over-slobber the envelopes, anyways.  But, I’d take whatever help I could get.  Although, honestly, there is a Seinfeld episode that has me fearful of licking too many envelopes.  As such, no Brittanys were made to lick any envelopes during the making of this picture…as can be seen in the animation of the edit, below.

As, with all other editions in this retro series, Technically Paid is available in the shop, and is 50% off until March 30th with coupon code ENVELOPE50Technically Paid by Laura Cole Photography Animation