Technically Homemade by Laura Cole Photography

Fact: I am an outstanding baker, and an image that required a fallen, ugly cake was really a creative stretch for me.  Fact: The previous sentence is an outright lie.  Fact: I have smoked us out of the house (quite literally) a handful of times over the past few years with items as simple as a frozen pizza.  Fun Fact: If you watch the little animation below, you’ll see a teeny-tiny crockpot in the background of my kitchen disappear, and that’s how I actually do most of my cooking.  It’s far safer for me.

I really couldn’t use my oven the day I took this photo for my limited edition series anyways, and I had a good excuse–my camera was inside of it.  Although, to be completely honest, my husband wouldn’t be too excited to see me baking anyways.  I don’t use any flour or sugar–my breads are meringued egg whites, yolks and protein powder.  My cakes and muffins are, well, exactly the same bread recipe, but baked in different shape pans.  Because according to my ketogenic cookbooks, shape changes taste enough to constitute a separate, but nearly identical recipe.  I guess I can’t really blame them.  When you try cutting all of crap out of your diet, you crave variety, even if it is only found in the shape of foods instead of the ingredients.

Are you wondering what is really in the pan?  Well, when I knew I wanted something sunken and unappetizing-looking (I have a go-to list that fits that description perfectly) I immediately thought of my Dutch Baby Pancake–it fits the bill every single time.  Without fail.  So, into the blender went eggs, heavy cream, protein powder, baking soda, vanilla, and a drop of stevia.  Pop in a heavily buttered pan and then in the oven until it’s big, puffy, and golden.  Remove from the oven and watch it fall to a tenth of it’s previous height before it hits the cooling rack.  Perfection.

So while the real me would never be “cheating” and using a mix to make a cake, the real me goes through four dozen eggs a week attempting to cheat physics and make eggs and protein powder into dessert.  A mix might be cheating, but it’s “Technically Homemade”.  My ketogenic baked-goods might technically be homemade, but I’m pretty sure they make my husband wish I’d cut a few corners and reach for the Betty Crocker box.  Sorry, baby.

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Technically Homemade by Laura Cole Photography