Who hasn’t tried a Beachbody program at least once?  I know my husband and I jumped around our tiny living room, struggling to keep up with Shaun T’s “Insanity” workout…until poor Ben rolled his bum-ankle during a tricky-little foot-shuffle-move and swore off the video for the rest of his life (I joined his boycott as a sign of solidarity).  In reality, I’m sure I was just looking for an excuse to quit what was, although difficult, a really beneficial workout.  And THAT  is why you aren’t supposed to do the programs alone…accountability…someone to answer to…someone to keep you on track…someone to call-out excuses…a COACH, is essential to the process.  That’s what all of these lovely, strong woman have built their careers around…helping people commit to healthy lifestyles with the help of Beachbody.

And, it’s pretty impressive the careers they all built.  They’re all self-employed, (bombshell) girl-bosses who worked hard enough to earn Diamond level status and spot at a weekend-powwow of strong women coming together for a retreat, bonding, and A PHOTO SHOOT … that’s where I come in!

Along with Halie Frazier, of Elysian Salon in Olean, and Rachel Weatherell, a fantastic videographer, we packed up my entire studio and drove out to the Tamarack Club at Holiday Valley in Ellicottville, NY for an on-location makeover/photo shoot to pamper these deserving ladies and show-off their beauty (inside and out).

Below are some of my favorite shots of each of the girls, followed by Rachel’s (awesome) behind-the-scenes video of the day (be sure to take note of Halie’s amazing artistry, too!)

If you’re thinking of have a Girls’ Day Out of your own–whether business or casual–we’d love to do something similar with you!  On location or in the Laura Cole Photography studio, for retreats, showers, or parties–a photo shoot is a fun and glamorous way to celebrate!