There are a few ways to wrap up family formals after an outdoor ceremony…one of the least desirable being a loud crack of thunder splitting through the air giving you about 10 seconds of warning to run for cover.  Karie and Andy’s Nannen Arboretum Wedding in Ellicottville, NY was a beautiful ceremony in an equally beautiful location.   But, as with any outdoor location, the chance of rain is the price you pay in exchange for the beauty of nature being the setting for your vows.

When you witness a Bride and Groom (and a large chunk of both of their families) get caught in a sudden downpour as everyone races for their cars…and all come out the other side with huge smiles on their faces, you know you just worked with wonderful people.  From the moment we arrived until the time we said goodbye, Karie and Andy were just that…wonderful.

The rain was only a minor hiccup that couldn’t keep the smile off of Karie’s face as she told me that they had to “wring out” her poor mom before arriving at the reception.

A lot of laughing, love, and dancing…a beautiful First Look and ceremony…a great party with some pretty awesome cupcakes…even with the rain, this is one wedding that I would love to be a part of over and over again.  Experience this wonderful couple’s day through their Fusion Video below.

…and if you’re planning an outdoor ceremony of your own, get in touch.  We’re not afraid of a little rain, either.