What do you do when your family is just so chic you can't even control all of the fabulous that happens when you get together and it's Christmas time?  Well, first, you announce a Kardashian/Catalog-themed Christmas portrait.  Then you gather some scotch and wine.  Next, your brother-in-law styles the whole event with a fur and silk theme.  You stumble around a bit in some high heels, and finally, you create a portrait to remember all of the fun you inevitably have with each other.  It's not a traditional portrait, but we aren't a strictly traditional family.  This year we decided that all gifts were going to be in the form of homemade items or time spent together.  This is my gift to everyone, and it fits the criteria.  It's homemade, and the time spent together to shoot it was priceless.  

Merry Christmas from the Coles!