"We're so in love, it's disgusting" said Ann Marie as she grinned and snuggled closer to her husband Fred during their couple portrait session in my studio last week in Olean, NY.  "What's the point of being in love if you're not disgustingly in love?" was my reply.

Everyone wants an epic love.  Epic love is passionate love.  When you are passionate about something, it consumes you.  When you give everything you have, you receive the greatest fulfillment.  Love stories are often a component of some of the greatest plots.  There is something magical in seeing two people conquer circumstances that should break them down and destroy them, but instead become stepping stones to something greater.  When a widow and widower find each other and build a relationship and weave together a family, they open up places not only in their own hearts, but in the hearts of all those accepting of the beauty of their hard-won love.  When you see a happy couple do you ever wonder what they went through to get to where they are?  What they suffered?  The story can be uplifting and heartwarming.  It can be a message: hard times come, but hard times can be a solid foundation for the future.  It can be a message of hope for the weary.  When love is fought for tooth and nail, it becomes more precious...so vital and enduring...it's disgusting.