Oh, hello November!  It’s lovely to see you and the bit of spare time that comes with the end of the wedding season.  Now, perhaps, you, my dear blog, will feel a little less forgotten as I now have some time to go back and revisit the photo shoots and weddings I had the pleasure of working on this past summer when I was just too busy to write…

It really was a great year, full of lots of memorable people that I was so fortunate to have the opportunity to photograph.  It was also a very telling year for the future.  You see, I initially had some doubts about being able to continue as a photographer.  Not everyone knows, but after developing a (literally) crippling case of Cubital Tunnel Syndrome in my right arm at the end of the 2015 wedding season, I was a little uncertain of what my future held.  After waking the morning after a wedding to find extreme pain in my right arm that left me unable to bend my elbow at all…I couldn’t brush my teeth or hair (and using my left hand worked about as well as using one of my feet), let alone put a camera to my face, maneuver a mouse or the pen of my Wacom tablet, or really do much of anything.  To make a long story short, after deciding that surgery wasn’t the best option, I allowed my arm to heal naturally with physical therapy exercises and stretches.  So, at the start of this year’s wedding season, my arm was 90% better, but I was definitely worried about a recurrence after the toll of another wedding season.  Yet, here I am, with the last wedding of the year under my belt and my arm now at about 95%.  So, yeah, I’d say a good year.

And, I should have known it would be good, too.  I had so many wonderful people lined up to work with, and among them were my good friends Halie and Jason.  Many people photographed by me in the past know who Halie is.  She’s an uber-talented Hair and Makeup artist and owner of Elysian Salon in Olean, and also a beautiful, compassionate, inspiring, and soulful individual.  She has a way about her that makes sitting in her chair as she works her magic a transformative and therapeutic experience for both the physical body and the inner soul.  I’ve been lucky to have worked with her on both photo shoots and weddings in the past and now she was a bride-to-be.  She and her fiancé, Jason (also an extremely talented artist–Jason works his magic creating incredible tattoos at Eclectic Body Art in Olean) were going to elope to the Spiritualist community in Lilydale, NY.

Some people are old souls…wise beyond their years…two halves of one whole…soulmates…Twin Flames.  I think that, in a way, Halie and Jason’s Lilydale, NY Wedding was written in the stars.  While, the official plans were quickly made for a simple elopement, the union itself was only a matter of time.  If ever two people were meant to be, Halie and Jason are those two.

For such a unique couple, we had to create for them an album just as unique.  Their book is just about ready to be sent on it’s way to Italy for production, and it’s going to be incredible.  They chose a genuine cork box with a custom graphic by The Letter Pink graphic design and a crystal cover book…while these screenshots from the album preview software don’t do it justice, it’s just a little preview of what their book will look like:

Wedding Album by Laura Cole PhotographyWedding Album by Laura Cole Photography







I honestly can’t wait to get my hands on this book.  Their custom monogram incorporated the huge willow tree underneath which they said “I do”, and the tiny butterflies that seemed to be flocking to the area that day.

While we originally set out to create a Fusion Slideshow for Halie and Jason (Fusion incorporates video footage into the slideshow of the Art Album spreads), Rachel, our team videographer, got so much great footage, that we split the Fusion into a traditional slideshow and a separate video.  You can watch both below, and experience the the joy, love, and beauty of Mr. and Mrs. Frazier’s big day.

Watch the slideshow of their Art Album:

Watch their Wedding Video:

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