Creative Senior Portraits by Laura Cole Photography

Grace came to my studio with one request…she wanted creative senior portraits…images that would capture her personality and not look like the same-old, same-old pictures that other people were having done.  A gorgeous client in need of unique portraits?…challenge accepted!

During her consult, Grace’s mom told me how extremely proud she is of all of her daughter’s many accomplishments.  Not only has Grace done an incredible job academically, but she is also involved in sports and extracurriculars, she has a great sense of humor, and is also something of a teacher’s pet.   Grace is the girl who is involved in everything and has big goals for her future.  She plans to pursue a law degree in order to help fight for LGBTQ rights.  I decided to mold Grace’s shoot around all of these little facets.  She, her mom, and I all decided that we wanted to honor the person that she is and look forward to the person she is going to become.

Soooo….after putting my thinking cap on, I decided to include images that showed the beautiful girl with the great personality, the academic achiever, the teacher’s pet / girl who juggles a host of extracurriculars, the girl with big plans, and the future lawyer.

At their request, we even took some inspiration from Norman Rockwell for two of Grace’s images:

The Inspiration:

Norman Rockwell







The Future Lawyer:

Norman Rockwell Senior Picture

The Inspiration:

Norman Rockwell







The girl with big dreams:


Watch the slideshow of Grace’s entire shoot below:

Grace from Laura Cole on Vimeo.