Technically Borrowing Creative Pet Photography
It took a little creative pet photography (and a touch of photoshop) to convince Baron to help me increase my weekly shopping budget in our 8th retro-themed image, “Technically Borrowing”, for the Cheating at Chores series of Limited Edition Prints.  My husband, Ben, was kind enough to lend a hand (and a crisp fifty) to the project…

You see, while a few dollars may have gotten you out of the grocery store back in the 50’s with bags full of goodies, in 2016 it doesn’t even buy you the gas to drive to the store.

My inspiration for this image came from the “I Love Lucy” episode where Lucy gets a little behind on some bills and Ricky decides to get a business manager for her.  After taking money to pay all of the essential bills, the manager leaves Lucy with just $5 to spend on food and other extras for herself.  Obviously, Lucy schemed to get around this budget, and wound up with a huge bill to the grocery store at the end of the month…but, it got me thinking.  Could she really have made $5 stretch as a food budget that month?  Not quite, but close…was the answer I gleaned from a quick Google search.  In the 50’s a gallon of milk was, on average, only 82 cents, a loaf of bread only 14 cents, and a gallon of gas…get this…only 20 cents!  Today you can’t even put together a single meal with that same $5.  That extra $50 that Baron is sneaking wouldn’t even make a dent in the monthly grocery bills of most people today.

Grocery budgets aside though, Ben dutifully stood still while I set my lighting and focus…thank goodness for iPhones and puzzle apps (take that 1950’s with your amazingly low prices).  This was our first shot of the day…

Creative Men's Portraiture by Laura Cole Photography


He’s a man that loves an excuse to dress up, and his current addiction to hats definitely has a vintage flair.  I’m sure all of our past wedding couples will remember his outfits, much like this one, which he always pairs with his favorite Converse sneaks for running around in during the rush of a wedding day.  Here’s a little before and after Photoshop magic for ya…

Creative Portrait Photography


…and he dutifully stood sort-of-still again, while I thought about my composition…obviously, when you’re put in such a position, you have no choice but to totally rock out to some music…and no, it wasn’t Perry Como, sorry ’bout ya 1950’s.

Male Portraiture by Laura Cole Photography

The final image is a composite.  First Ben and I posed.  I held a remote control for my camera in one hand while we took a bunch of images with subtle changes between each one to hopefully catch the perfect shot where everything looked right…was the shopping list showing?…were my eyes pointed in the direction of where Baron would be?…did I not look fat?…you know, the important things.  It’s really difficult posing yourself, without seeing through the camera.  I photographed Baron separately, still using the remote and some treats.  After what seemed like forever, trying to get Baron into a position that looked like he was grabbing a bill, I had all of the elements that I needed to create the final shot.  I was getting ready to pack everything up, when Ben announced that he had a vision…he posed us and took the image of us, below, and I retouched it.  Pretty solid teamwork. 😉

Norman Rockwell Inspired Photography

Here’s the animated gif of the edit of the final image…just as the women in I Love Lucy had to go “put on their face”…you’ll see me do the same here…digitally.  One of the perks of living in the overpriced 21st century, I guess…
Technically Borrowing by Laura Cole Photography

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