Sophia was a bride who had her priorities straight.

She knew that the photographs of her day would be one of the most important things she would take away with her after the wedding was all over…that and a wonderful man that she has been with since the two were in 8th grade together ūüėČ ¬†That’s why she chose to commission an Art Album for her Coudersport, PA Wedding Photography. ¬†A beautiful mass at St. Eulalia’s and fun party at the Coudersport Consistory weren’t affected by the rainy day outside. ¬†This couple approached their day calmly and with certainty, and it was a pleasure to be a part of it.

The first page wedding monogram and album accent details throughout their book were all done by Rachel at The Letter Pink to give their album that additional touch of personalization that would make it all the more special to them down the road.

When you’re deciding whether or not to invest in an album, “down the road” is the part you really want to consider. ¬†Right now, we are in the digital age. ¬†Our pictures are on phones and computers, or floating around, untouched in the cloud. ¬†Imagine thirty years from now…flipping through your wedding pictures on a phone, disengaged from a physical photo. ¬† Then re-imagine snuggling together by a fire under a warm blanket with the heat of the fire on your faces as you open a chilled bottle of wine and run your hands over the velvety-smooth pages that contain your art as it was meant to be experienced…in a wonderful sensory combination of the tactile with the visual–on the pages of our Italian-crafted fine-art album designed to your specifications that will become an heirloom (and a part of your legacy) for generations to come.

Sophia and Holden were among the first couples to get the new 2016 Wedding Art Album Book. ¬†The new book allows complete customization with endless possibilities for making your album unlike any other ever produced. ¬†Pictures showing the high-end quality of the new book, as well as just a few of the style options will come soon! ¬†In the meantime, get in touch with us to discuss your 2016 wedding day! ¬†We’d love to hear all about your unique vision for the perfect wedding!!