Technically Paid | No. 5 in Retro Series

Number five puts me halfway through the Cheating at Chores series that I decided I wanted to create from "Technicolor Cohorts" (right).  I've been trying to combine things that I do around the house with a little corner-cutting help from my dog, Baron.  I guess what's...

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How to Paint the Sky | Reimagined Portrait

Whenever I see something that was obviously once loved and beautiful, like an old house, I can't help but try to imagine what it would have been like in its prime.  The paint no longer peeling, the closest neighboring structures disappearing, the power lines fading...

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Olean, NY Maternity Photography

A maternity shoot is not simply taking photographs of a woman while she is pregnant.  It is also the child's first photoshoot, and the images are ones that she will one day call her own and keep.  They are about both mother and daughter.  I was so pleased that...

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